Management: Co-founders

Bruce Blackwell, Founder / Chairman

Bruce founded Earth Biofuels in 2004, (sold control in 2005), Cellulosic Ethanol and Geothermal Investor/pioneer; Philanthropist; largest investor in MLBR, second largest pre MLBR (since 2006).

Rhys, Dale, MA / Msc, CEO

Rhys earned degrees in biology, statistics, economics, and engineering. In his graduate research at Purdue University he developed process models to evaluate different pretreatment process technologies. Rhys has expertise in process modeling, environmental compliance, technology commercialization, project development for commercial projects, and the development of life cycle analysis (LCA), techno-economic analysis and feasibility studies. Rhys has been the lead developer on a number of biomass technology, R&D, pilot, and commercial projects in the bio-refinery industry.

Clark Dale, PHD - CTO / VP Technology

Dr. Dale earned his PhD from Purdue University in Bio-Chemical Engineering. He founded Bio-Process Innovation in 1983 and has overseen the development of fermentation, distillation, and biomass conversion technologies. He is a highly respected expert in the field of ethanol production technologies and process engineering. He has years of hands on experience in full scale ethanol plants, being CEO of a whey ethanol venture in Wisconsin in the late 90's, and part of a 3 man start- up team for 3 corn ethanol facilities in Iowa and S. Dakota. He has written 100's of research reports including over 30 peer reviewed research articles, various invited lectures, and awarded a number of patents.

Claude Sapp, MBA / (Phd) - CFO

Financial Systems, Ethanol-Algal Feedstock Innovation – Clients have included NFL, NYNEX, National Health Labs, Providian, others.

Ray Wall, JD - Chief Counsel

Ray Wall General Law Practice - licensed in state and federal courts of New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma; Former District Judge Ninth Judicial District State of Oklahoma; Appointed to Oklahoma Judicial Counsel; Former Legal Counsel for Oklahoma State University and Board of Regents for the Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges of Oklahoma.

David Traub, Ed.M - COO / EVP Business Development

David has 25 years of international economic development (EU, 15 countries as clients, etc.); Co-founder of renewable energy projects in cellulosic ethanol, bio-diesel, solar and SNG/Co2 capture in U.S., China, Sri Lanka and Senegal (2006-2012)